We’ve listed a lot of Advanced Instruments inside the W.H.A.T. Internet Solutions Site Control Panel. These tools will let you do effortless tasks like protecting a directory with a password or way more challenging ones like, for example, switching the PHP version of your account. Although the duties they actually do are not the same, the whole set of Advanced Instruments have 1 similarity. They are extremely intuitive and demand virtually no distinctive abilities from you.

Hotlink Protection

Secure yourself from data transfer theft

From your W.H.A.T. Internet Solutions Site Control Panel, it is easy to quickly safeguard all the pictures in your sites from being used someplace else without having your permission. And you can now do this with only a few mouse–clicks employing W.H.A.T. Internet Solutions’s Hotlink Protection tool.

Everything you need to make is merely decide on the domain you would like to protect and enable the Hotlink Protection. Adjusts will work in no time and your visuals will be shielded from unwanted use and bandwidth thievery.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automatic creation of .htaccess files

Bundled in the W.H.A.T. Internet Solutions Site Control Panel is an .htaccess Generator – a potent instrument, which lets you make .htaccess files without the need to generate them by yourself. The tool requires no experience and also no comprehension of .htaccess file administration.

With the .htaccess file, it’s easy to reroute a number of web pages of your site and the complete web site to a completely new area. You may as well apply it to secure a folder with a security password or to have PHP code within HTML files, etc.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Prevent harmful IPs from accessing your site

Within the W.H.A.T. Internet Solutions Site Control Panel we have integrated a highly useful tool that allows you to limit the ability to access your websites by hindering diverse IP addresses. When using the IP blocking tool, you are able to put a stop to an IP address or, possibly a full range of IP addresses from accessing your website. To determine what IP addresses produce the ’harmful’ traffic to your web site, you should check out the Stats Manager.

Just about all IP addresses are obstructed quickly and nobody will have the ability to find or gain access to your web site from them any longer.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Alter the PHP settings for one’s web site

When the application you use needs a distinct PHP build, or you intend to make any PHP changes, it’s easy to do that in the W.H.A.T. Internet Solutions Site Control Panel. You’re able to switch the PHP version with just a mouse–click, selecting from older PHP editions to the stable PHP launch. You can even easily customize the most vital configurations in the php.ini file, or make a complete change of the way your PHP edition operates.

You no longer need to wait patiently for hours on end or reactivate anything at all for the adjustments to take effect. All the adjustments are implemented live the moment you save them.

PHP Configuration

Cron Jobs

Create automated scheduled jobs

If you have something your site or app must carry out everyday, it is possible to automate it with the help of a cron job. Cron jobs will let you come up with planned jobs, which can be done at certain time periods. You can make cron jobs to mail you the position of your website every single day or to erase non–permanent files every week to be able to liberate disk space in your own website hosting account.

Each cloud hosting plan is designed with a specified amount of cron jobs. More cron jobs can be obtained at any time through the Site Control Panel.

Cron jobs

Password Protection

Fantastic way to give protection to all your data

Password protection can be described as an option to protect your website’s content with a password making sure that just a pre–defined group of individuals can access it. For instance, you may need security password protection if you build your website and don’t want the search engines or others to see it before it’s available or if you wish to create a personal folder on your own site with authorized access.The Password Protection tool bundled in the W.H.A.T. Internet Solutions Site Control Panel will help you do this with just a few clicks. You’re going to be the only one that knows the username and password necessary to sign in if you do not share them with some other person.

The password will be held in a secured format, so no one should be able to view it or read it. You alone, as the site owner will be in a position to adjust it.

Password Protection

URL redirection

URL redirection with just a few mouse–clicks

If you want to swiftly reroute your site to a different page or some other site, you can do this with the URL Redirection tool. It minimizes the requirement to set up PHP redirects or set up an .htaccess file. Just stipulate the spot you would like to point your website towards and the software tool will take care of all the rest. Your web site can be redirected very quickly.

And, in case you need to terminate the re–direction and also have your web site directed to the previous URL, this can be done with just a click of your computer mouse.

URL Redirection