Inside the W.H.A.T. Internet Solutions Site Control Panel you’re going to find a fully–fledged, uncomplicated Database Manager! Utilize it in order to get total control of all of your databases. You are able to effortlessly create new MySQL and PgSQL databases and control them through the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software programs, respectively.

Clean and Uncomplicated User interface

Be in charge of all of your databases from within one location

The Database Manager within our Site Control Panel comes with a refined yet simple to operate interface. You’ll be able to configure a new MySQL or PostgreSQL database by just entering a username and security password. Also, you can make a backup file or customize the password of the database with only a mouse click.

Within the Database Manager you’ll possess direct access to the admin area for each of your databases, so that you can make simple corrections should you need to.

Hepsia File Manager

Simple and easy Database Backup

Database backup copies are a click away

Within the Database Manager you’re able to produce an archived duplicate of your database when you wish! This way, you’ll always have a back–up of your dynamic information in the event your site gets hacked or you erroneously get rid of a database. To produce a backup: click on the ’clock’ symbol on the side of a particular database and after that just wait for a few seconds for the process to be concluded.

There won’t be any restrictions about the amount of databases you are able to back up or the quantity of back–ups you may make for any database.

Hepsia File Manager

PgSQL Databases Support

The most protected open source databases

You’re going to find PgSQL support in every one of our website hosting plans packages. PgSQL databases might not be as sought after and widely used as MySQL, nevertheless they supply the highest possible level of safety for your web site content and articles. Due to this, a lot of famous brands like Skype and Yahoo take advantage of PgSQL databases. Maintaining PgSQL databases is as easy as MySQL, as a result of the easy–to–use interface of the Database Manager.

PgSQL databases are included automatically with the most advanced web hosting plans. For the normal packages, they’re included as upgrades.

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InnoDB Databases

The newest face of MySQL

We’ve integrated InnoDB – the new default MySQL database engine on every one of our web servers. InnoDB is great for substantial database web sites which need high levels of effectiveness and scalability. Trials have revealed that sites using InnoDB based tables attain a 3–fold functionality grow for very big joins, when compared with those using MyISAM tables.

InnoDB utilizes row–level locking in order to eliminate general performance problems noticed at the top usage times of the prior release of the database engine – MyISAM, which employs table–level locking.

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Detailed Database Stats

Complete statistics for all your databases

From your broad database statistics tool built–into the Site Control Panel, you’re going to be able to keep track of the load created by your dynamic sites round the clock. Every single overload trouble with your sites could reduce the loading rates and have a bad influence over the online experience of your respective visitors. Thus, by having data for the database load immediately, it will be possible to solve overload difficulties in a timely manner.

The database statistics interface displays information of the amount of daily, hourly and monthly lookups, so its possible to assess how the load is distributed over different time periods.

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